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Editorial Contribution

As continues to generate a fair and steadily growing amount of traffic to our site, we are anxiously looking forward to educating our readers as to the services provided by these businesses.

In addition, we look to see these banners increase as we get closer to the elections and have much more dialogue and shared opinions going back and forth.

If you are a small business of sole proprietor of a service you wish to market, please contact us through the email for our site found on the home page.



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Have to post. This actually just occurred to me.

Perhaps, being an ex-pat and living here has made me obtuse over the years to something that is very clear.  Panamanians as a WHOLE,  do not speak English very well. (if at all). We have travelled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic to name a few. All have in general …

Editorial Contribution
So what was Nito’s meeting with US about Venezuela??? “Turn them back Home!!!”

US and Panama face same problem. Reminds me of the Cuban expulsion into Miami into the 80’s.  Not that these people are all criminals, in that Maduro shows absolutely no care for his people. US and Panama greatly affected. This just a year after the so called “Mexico Migration”. And …

ASK JOYCE: PNO readers please visit podcast

To all PNO readers– I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to advise that I have an upcoming podcast interview on October 22nd at 1pm CT.  I will need to gather a couple more photos of the David area, so if you happen have any that will be …