Panama riots still main story of LATAM.

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Fecamco issued an alert about the crisis that has affected Panama for almost a month, marked by road blockades in rejection. The businessmen made an urgent call to the Panamanian Government and other actors involved to immediately establish a dialogue that promotes the search for a solution.

The Evangelical Alliance of Panama gathered in Urracá Park. Roberto Barrios | The Star of Panama

The Federation of Chambers of the Central American Isthmus (Fecamco) expressed its concern about the political and social situation in Panama since October.

In a statement, the union highlighted regional interconnection and stated that any disturbance in the peace and development of one country directly impacts others. “Central America is an interconnected region and everything that affects the peace and development of one country directly affects the others,” Fecamco said in a statement released this Saturday by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP).

International highways in Panama have been blocked for more than 20 days, with intermittent cl

This negatively affects the education, health and productivity of the population, generating loss of classes, medical appointments and affecting the distribution of medicines nationwide.

The Federation pointed out that these actions, which prevent the free movement of people, have implications for regional trade and affect Central American transporters in Panama, detained along the Pan-American Highway without access to basic services.

The Central American region, the Federation’s letter states, “is in a process of economic recovery and these types of situations (the Panamanian crisis) prevent it from reaching the levels of growth necessary for this sustained development.”

As a Federation, they called on the Government of Panama and the different political and social actors to seek immediate dialogue, which would allow finding a solution in favor of the Panamanian people and the region.

The Costa Rican Chamber of Industries also expressed concern about the protests in Panama, highlighting delays in sea and land transfers, as well as an increase in costs.

The executive director of the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica (CICR), Carlos Montenegro, indicated in statements to EFE that the main problem that companies in Panama are facing are blockades, due to complications in obtaining supplies of raw materials and fuels. which compromises the continuity of operations.

“If you take the time between the shipment of the plant to the port, loading, maritime transit and release from the port, in total it takes 7 to 8 days while the land transport is 1 and a half days on average,” commented Montenegro.

The executive director of the ICRC added that the land rate is 1,375 dollars for a van where 30 export pallets are placed, while the maritime cost is 2,678 dollars and only 20 pallets are in that container.

“Now we have 6 more days of transit and 2.9 times more expensive per pallet,” explained Montenegro.

The executive director of the ICRC also indicated that the mobility of workers to companies in Panama has become a “very risky” task and many of the producers in the agricultural and industrial sector are losing demand due to not being able to go to the points. selling.

The blockades began almost a month ago amid massive protests against the contract that renews the concession to Minera Panamá to exploit the largest open-pit copper mine in Central America. This internal crisis has generated shortages of food, fuel, gas and medicines.

The Panamanian government has tried to alleviate the situation by importing gasoline and gasoline from Costa Rica.

Yesterday, he reported that after various coordinations, another contingent of fuel (91 gasoline and diesel) has been transferred from Costa Rica to supply Chiriquí (23 tankers) and Bocas del Toro (4 tankers: 3 Almirante; 1 Changuinola)), affected by road closures.

As is already known, this temporary supply seeks to alleviate the situation in both provinces, however, this mechanism is not sufficient to achieve regularity and daily stability of deliveries as it depends on the availability of the product in Costa Rica.

Exports from Costa Rica to Panama reach 607 million dollars, while imports total about 236 million dollars, including products such as beverage concentrates, plastic packaging, medicines and animal feed.

On the other hand, the Evangelical Alliance of Panama (AEP) gathered this Saturday, November 18 at the Parque Urracá facilities with the purpose of making a “Cry of Prayer” for peace and addressing the social, economic and political situation it faces. Panama today.

The Evangelical Alliance of Panama convened country authorities, representatives of the private sector and executive members of political parties, whose purpose is to promote unity.

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