No more “Tweeting”, no more “Tweets”. Musk re-branding TWITTER

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A word that has become part of the “ethos” and “pop culture” of the world will be no more.

Since the beginning of this year Twitter has gone through monumental changes from the purchase of the app and the imposition of a new CEO to structural changes within the platform. However, this may not be the end of the transition.

It was recently revealed that the company Twitter Inc., the legal name of this social network, no longer exists. Although it has not yet been confirmed, the company is said to now be part of the X Holdings Corps conglomerate, which is headed by Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of Twitter. This is because this Tuesday, April 11, the businessman tweeted an ‘X’ on his official account after the change from Twitter to X Corp was revealed.

It is believed that this is part of Musk’s plans for the application, which during the end of April and beginning of May will also have structural changes. For example, the blue tick, also called verification that has been part of Twitter’s badges for years, will no longer be as accessible.

Previously this indicated the relevance or importance of an account. Usually the verified accounts were official from companies or organizations or that belonged to personalities from different fields, such as singers or politicians. From April 20, the blue tick will disappear completely and only those who decide to purchase Twitter Blue, the premium version of the application, will be able to obtain it.

All this caused the reaction of the users, who returned to speculate about the decline of the application. Since Musk’s first adjustments to the social network, users have expressed their discontent and this time was no exception.

Despite this, the tycoon has made it clear that he will continue to make the necessary adjustments to improve Twitter according to his vision, even if it means that more than one user decides to close his account. 

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