Mulino hits ground running with new cabinet appointees.

Ameglio will accompany the designated minister Roberto Linares in Agricultural Development

The president-elect, José Raúl Mulino, appointed this Friday, May 24, Francisco José Ameglio Vásquez as vice minister of Agricultural Development to accompany the designated minister Roberto Linares in this portfolio.

Ameglio has worked as an assistant in the Legal Advisory Department of the Ministry of Government and Justice and as a liaison with the National Assembly.

He was also an assistant at the Panama Canal Commission (P.CC. Training Center).

In the private sphere he has extensive experience, as he has been assistant to Operations and the Administrative Council of the Sociedad de Foods de Primera SA and manager of Investment Projects OMAS, SA / Hacienda Trofarrello, SA

Meanwhile, Mulino appointed Nilo Murillo Robles as director of the Agricultural Marketing Institute (IMA).

Murillo is a lawyer graduated from the University of Panama and has held various public positions, including governor of the province of Herrera.

In addition, he has 29 years of experience in agribusiness and livestock farming with specialization in the marketing of cheese and other dairy products.

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