Martinelli has not even started campaigning, and slimy Gaby is full blast.


As I have championed the voice of the working class before, Martinelli, who has been hunted like no other of the scheming Presidents of the past, has done his tme. Was exonerated. His children. done their time, paid back kick back funds, and also exonnerated in US courts, is still leading in early polls. TECHNICALLY, his RM party has not even kicked into full gear, when new mansion Gaby is kissing babies. He’s another Varela He LOOKS the part, but is all hot air.

The first measurement on the preference of the electorate with the presidential candidates defined by the political parties and by the free application did not have much variation. Former President Ricardo Martinelli and Vice President José Gabriel Carrizo remain in a technical tie for first place.

The voting simulation, if the elections were held today, showed that the candidate of the Realizando Metas party, Martinelli, would arrive first with 29% of the votes, while Carrizo, candidate of the ruling Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) obtained 28 % of votes.

In third place would be Rómulo Roux, Cambio Democrático candidate, with 13% of the votes. With 10%, José Isabel Blandón, president of the Panameñista Party, 7% would vote for Martín Torrijos, candidate of the Popular Party. Ricardo Lombana, candidate for the Otro Camino Movement, obtained 5% of the electoral preference.

That is the result of the Gismo Services, SA survey that is published monthly in La Estrella de Panamá.

Martinelli and Carrizo continue in a technical tie
Between the months of June and July, the political parties chose their candidates through primaries. The Star of Panama

The sample size is 1,800 effective cases and has a geographical universe in all the provinces, plus the Ngäbe Buglé region. The study was carried out from August 19 to 23 with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.3% and a confidence level of 95%.

Surveys are opinion studies subject to not reflecting the certainty of the results.

When asked, which of the following political figures do you think will be the president of 2024? Martinelli and Carrizo obtained the same percentage as in the voting simulation, while Roux remains in third place, but with one percentage point. below the simulation, that is, 12%.

The survey was conducted when Panamanians know the 10 presidential candidates.

Between the months of June and July, the political parties chose their presidential candidates through primaries. The collection of signatures for the free nomination candidates also ended, leaving Zulay Rodríguez, Maribel Gordón and Melitón Arrocha with the largest number of signatures for the presidential candidacy.

The three presidential candidates for free nomination collected 497,208 signatures, but in the survey they only reached 2% in electoral preference, and in the case of Arrocha, 1%.

Another of the measurements made by the Gismo Services survey is which candidate you would not vote for in the elections.

Faced with this question, Martinelli is the most rejected with 35%, followed by Rodríguez with 18%, Gordón with 13%, while 8% would not vote for Torrijos, 7% of the electorate would not vote for Carrizo and a 6% would not vote for Blandón.

The survey indicates that 34% of the population identifies with the ruling PRD, in second place is Realizando Metas with 15%, followed by Cambio Democrático with 12% and then the Panameñista Party with 10%.

5% of those interviewed stated that they feel identified with independent candidates.

Acceptance of Cortizo

The study measured the image of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, who maintains a good image among 48% of the population (8% very good and 36% good).

Regarding the areas that President Cortizo’s Cabinet has worked on, the agricultural sector is one of the programs most widely accepted by Panamanians: 7 out of 10 Panamanians approve the management carried out by the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

The approval of the administration of social programs promoted by the government is maintained; 72% of the population supports them.

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