Lawyers against Martinelli will file a waste of time appeal.


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The group of lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the case of punctures will present an appeal to the Supreme Court against the verdict of not guilty to former president Ricardo Martinelli .

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    Court rejects evidence and declares Ricardo Martinelli not guilty
    The decision to acquit Ricardo Martinelli is a ‘legal outburst’: Harry Diaz
    After verdict in case of punctures, Balbina Herrera says that ‘we hit bottom in the administration of justice’
    Complainants believe that the decision was a legal outburst
    Judgment that favored Martinelli would be in conflict with the Supreme Court
    An ordinary ruling for an extraordinary case
    The appeal will be filed before the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. While the appeal for annulment will be brought before the High Court of Justice.

On August 9, in a unanimous ruling, a trial court found the president Ricardo Martinelli not guilty of the accusations of alleged political and peculated espionage, and left all the precautionary measures against him against him.

The court also ruled out the precautionary measure of house arrest, but maintained the impediment of leaving the country until the sentence was formally read, which will be on August 26 at 4:00 pm Before it was two years arrested: one year at the Miami Federal Detention Center and another at the El Renacer prison. Since last June 11, he was homebound.

The judges considered that the prosecution could not prove “the theory of the case” and that various inconsistencies were observed.

The lawyer of the complainant Mauro Zuñiga, Carlos Herrera Morán, said Tuesday, August 13 at a press conference at the National Bar Association that the sentence of no guilty to Martinelli fills the Panamanian nation with shame.

According to Herrera Morán, it was an unfair and divorced sentence of the Constitution and the law. “That it is based on an inconclusive situation on the part of the three judges.”

Herrera Morán recalled that in the intermediate stage of the process following Martinelli, the statement of the protected witness was declared legal.

He added that that is why the protected witness is admitted to the oral trial stage. “And these judges appointed by hand come out … to say that the testimony of the protected witness was of illegal descent.”

For the jurist that the judges of the oral trial were not allowed.

Judges Roberto Tejeira, Arlene Caballero and Raúl Vergara were the ones who constituted the court of the oral trial in the case of punctures.

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