Hello PNO readers and contributors: 2021 Update.


Contributed by Steven and Bryson family

It seems only right in sharing that after the many emails we have received from people we have come to know as friends and contributors, that December 2020 ended poorly.

James “JB” Bryson, had his second TIA two days after Christmas. These are also referred to as Mini-strokes, but much more debilitating than the one he had in 2017.

As a result, obviously there has been nothing posted to the site. PNO was something JB enjoyed doing and more than anything, he enjoyed helping EX-PATS steer through the muck and sludge that is Panamanian politics and scams that often see people led astray.

He is staying in South Florida with the hopes of returning to his main home in Bannockburn, after the cold season. His spirits are high.


We have compiled a phone bank size list of both phone numbers and e-mail addresses over the past 2 years. These messages contained everything from your garden variety insults, claims of being a mercenary site and being compensated to do so, down to outright threats of J.B finding a “horse head” in his bed. Not to worry though. They are all bullshit so to speak, and what J.B was working on when he got back to the states was to finally and very profoundly release to the ENTIRE INTERNET what type of bullshit he has been dealing with.

So in as much as J.B loved Panama, his family is quite happy he will not be going back to that lawless, corrupt, shit hole! Which is exactly what it is. You can place as many casinos, brand hotels, and bright lights up and down Balboa, and you are still left with a government that has been by “some” people,for “some” people since the fall of Noriega. One ELITIST rich person after the next. Spending most of their time cannibalizing the administration they inherited for doing the same things that the current one is doing now. The MOST HYPOCRITICAL DEMOCRACY ever seen. And it is tough to say that as an AMERICAN. Martnelli was a shit show, his sons imprisoned, Varela is essentially on house arrest, when a year ago he was shaking hands with the Pope. Panama is a pond of Piranha, but they have a favorite diet, and it is called RICH AMERICANS. They are plentiful, and are always ready at the pocket.

I feel JB’s event was cause by stress. Stress of him seeing exactly what was occurring and constantly trying to help. But before we sign off, some REAL attorneys, some REAL investigators, and some REAL SWORN STATEMENTS will be released in regards to the person and group that I feel harassed, threatened, and consistently pushed his buttons.

I look forward to finishing this for JB. It will contain all types of gifts.

SWORN STATEMENTS from former employees. EVERY e-mail exchange releases. SKIP TRACES off Cell towers that reveal WHO was CATFISHING. Violations of SEC and BLUE SKY LAWS in the United States. MIS-REPRESNTATION of facts and financial health, and most importantly BRIBERY, PAYOFF ATTEMPTS, and EMBEZZLEMENT.

All of this for FREE, to the people who didn’t want to consolidate efforts 6 months ago, and as such has allowed this to continue.

To inquiries coming from other groups across the globe that have been victimized by Panama, I am not here for you. Do not contact PNO because we will not be helping you in any way. Quite frankly some of the stories that have been sent in are so outrageous that you wonder how they attained the funds to get swindled in the first place.

Find your own “clean” attorney in Panama, plan to spend a ton as there are many hands in the pot, wait about a decade to get a judgment, then wait as someone pays off another to have it overturned, find out who overturned it and pay them off, and then if you ever are awarded any land, be at the ready to pay any taxes that are due the Republic, and in the one in a million chance that occurs, try to find a buyer who wants to develop anything or live there.

Good luck.

PNO has our sights on one person. And it’s coming. Ever feed someone with a spoon motherfucker? All eyes on YOU.

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