He won Mayor while in PRISON, he will win PRESIDENT in 2025.


Martinelli remains the choice of PANAMANIANS.


A group of conventions that fan the return of Ricardo Martinelli to the presidency of Democratic Change (CD) presented yesterday, at the headquarters of the party, one thousand 18 signatures so that the process of renewal of the current board of directors, which Rómulo Roux presides, begins .

Almost two years ago, on January 21, 2018, Roux snatched control of the party from Martinelli, who held power since its founding in 1998, in an election in which the former won 1,486 votes against 860 in the latter. The Roux directive was elected until 2023, one year before the general elections.

Hence the martinellistas chose the path of an extraordinary convention.

According to the CD statute, approved when Martinelli controlled the party, in order to request an extraordinary national convention, 792 rubrics are required, which must be analyzed by the directive that Roux directs to decide whether to move forward with the convention.

At present, CD has 2 236 conventional.

Martinelli himself accompanied his supporters to the CD headquarters yesterday. “I hope that this board of directors can accept the clamor of the conventional ones … this will be a hard fight, which will remain in the Electoral Tribunal; I hope they know how to apply the law and allow CD conventionals to freely choose who should lead the party’s destinies by 2024, ”he said.

Roux, on the other hand, said that it is “positive” that there are different points of view within a party. He said that democracy also implies the institutional respect of the statutes and the law. “The board of directors was democratically elected until 2023 and will complete its full term.” He continued: “we will follow the road map drawn, strengthening and unifying the party with a view to returning in 2024 to bring the solutions that Panamanians demand.”

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