Ex-Pats in Mexico bracing for a strong storm. One of the benefits of Panama




I have a friend that is currently living in La Paz; Mexico and they will be bracing for a Hurricane this weekend. With the US economy treating non wealthy Americans like shit, expect places like Panama, Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica to yearly on a consistent basis see retirees looking to retire abroad but stay as close to America as humanly possible. Dominican Republic and Haiti- too poor.  Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, too unstable. And the Virgin Islands and Bahamas- too rich.    In the next generation-  there will be an inverse effect. I feel people will literally be RETIRING to Idaho-Montana-North Dakota- South Dakota- New Mexico-and rural areas around the Bible Belt.  Palms will be replaced with Oaks- Beaches with Plains- And Boat Houses with Farms. As the disgusting and clearly visible gulf between the working class and the 1% widens regardless of WHO is in office.

If you want to go even further off the grid- you can live like a royal king in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. As long as you can deal with non-direct 30 hrs of travel. 

Be safe MEXICO!

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