Carnaval is HERE. Not exactly on par with Brazil, but a big deal in PANAMA nonetheless.

In parallel to the celebration, the 2024 electoral campaign adds an additional element of interest.

Infectious music and an explosion of color mark the beginning of the 2024 Carnivals, which this year takes on special meaning as it coincides with the 2024 electoral campaign, adding a political touch to the festivity.

Panamanians, known for their joy and festive fervor, immerse themselves in a unique experience, enjoying typical music, contagious dances and an atmosphere of joy that only Panamanian Carnivals can offer.

The National Police plays a crucial role in guaranteeing security during these festivities. A notable vehicle streamlining and lane reversal operation continues from the Arraiján – La Chorrera highway to the districts of Chame and Capira. In addition, from Sajalices to San Carlos, facilitating the mobility of attendees who travel to the interior of the country.

This effort not only seeks to prevent congestion, but also to ensure a safe environment for everyone to enjoy the festivities without setbacks.

In parallel to the celebration, the 2024 electoral campaign adds an additional element of interest. Politicians take advantage of the occasion to connect with the population, participating in parades and events to present their proposals and messages to a festive audience.

This marriage between politics and cultural tradition creates a unique dynamic, where citizens have the opportunity to interact with political leaders in a more relaxed and festive way. The parades of floats, troupes and Carnival queens have become the epicenter of the celebration.

From Panama City to remote inland communities, the streets are filled with enthusiastic spectators cheering on their favorites. Vibrant colors and creative outfits bring the festivities to life, highlighting Panama’s rich cultural diversity.

In every corner of the country, traditional events are celebrated that pay tribute to Panamanian history and identity. Typical food, local crafts and folk music are essential elements that reinforce the sense of belonging and national pride during Carnivals.

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