As discussed in US debates: Illegal Immigration may be #1 problem of the world!


Happening in Panama right under our noses each day.

In order for a group of migrants to continue their journey to the Paso Canoas border sector and then cross the border with Costa Rica, the National Migration Service (SNM), in the province of Chiriquí, coordinated their transfer with the National Police.

The operation to transfer the migrants, who were on the streets of the city of David, took place last weekend, according to the SNM.

Approximately 4,000 of these irregular migrants arrived this Saturday, August 26, in the province of Chiriquí from Darién.

For his part, Juan Esquivel, director of the SNM in Chiriquí, pointed out that these operations seek to separate these irregular foreigners from the streets, traffic lights and commercial areas.

After their medical examination, these people are transferred to the border sector to prevent them from also being victims of human traffickers.

Esquivel assured that once these people arrive in the province they are surveyed again in the Los Planes de Gualaca sector.

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