Abrego feels “fox in the henhouse”. Calls for recount of minutes for CD


The internal elections of the Cambio Democrático party to choose the new leaders of the Secretariat for Women and Youth, as well as the conventional ones responsible for choosing the new board of directors, have been full of controversy and denunciations of irregularities since their inception. The last Sunday.

While the Scrutiny Board counted the minutes that gave deputy Ana Giselle Rosas as secretary for Women as the virtual winner, deputy Yanibel Ábrego, leader of the faction “El cambio es ya” that supports the candidacy of Nadine González, announced that he will challenge, through the lawyer Alfredo Vallarino, the results of the elections before the Electoral Tribunal for alleged inconsistencies in 150 minutes.

At a press conference, Deputy Ábrego alleged that her legal team has detected irregularities, such as the replacement of minutes with information different from the original minutes, the alteration of figures, corporations at the tables where the candidates for the board of directors of corregimiento as table jurors. In her opinion, these anomalies favor the candidates on the payroll of the president of Cambio Democrático, Rómulo Roux.

“We have copies of all the minutes that our observers gave us, who were the only people who were at each table, since the entire electoral corporation of the schools at the national level were designated by the Elections Commission created on purpose to manipulate the process . , as has been observed since day one of the count”, denounced the deputy.

He affirmed that the payroll “Change is now” has won the majority of the conventional ones, the largest number of boards of directors at the corregimiento level and the Secretariat for Women, “which is where the controversy is and they intend to make us fraud , we have detected falsified altered records,” he said.

He assured that in the innumerable recesses during the counting of the tally sheets they committed the fraud, “they are committing fraud to us because we have caught them and we are not going to allow it; here we put the votes and who has the votes must be recognized”.

Lawyer Alfredo Vallarino showed an act that counted 124 votes in favor of Ana Giselle Rosas, but assures that expired identity cards were used to vote and it was not allowed to sign the electoral roll.

He also said that they found tables in which there were 190 voters and supposedly 290 voted for Ana Giselle Rosas. “Here you win with votes, they will not be able to win with legal mischief, because we are going to remove them and expose them, all those who were in these minutes will be in statements, interrogations and cross-examinations,” she stressed. . The challenges will be presented as soon as the proclamations are made.

At the close of this note, with 96% of the tables counted, deputy Ana Giselle Rosas, from the Roux faction, prevailed with 28,735 votes against 27,061 reached by Nadine González, who is part of the faction led by deputy Ábrego.

With 87% of the scrutinized tables of the Youth Secretariat, the count favored Derick Echeverría from the “Change is now” payroll led by deputy Ábrego.

In this way, the internal crisis of Cambio Democrático for the control of the political group worsens and the denunciations of irregularities have been taking place since last Sunday, when the National Commission of Internal Elections of the party denounced that voting centers were not open to the public. stipulated time, in addition to the impediment to freely access the voting centers, and the entry of people from another party within the perimeter of the Cambio Democrático elections.

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