Tragic bus crash carries mostly ECUADORIANS


The National Migration Service revealed, this Thursday, the nationalities of the migrants who were traveling on the 5B-54 bus, which had an accident early yesterday morning in Gualaca, Chiriquí province.Of the 66 migrants, 22 were Ecuadorians, 16 Haitians and 11 Venezuelans, being the three nationalities that travel the most on the bus than on the route from Darién to Chiriquí.
Ecuadorian, the nationality that traveled the most on the injured bus
Ecuadorian, the nationality that traveled the most on the damaged bus La Estrella de Panamá
On the bus there were 30 men, 16 women. In addition, 12 boys and 8 girls.
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The trip that ended the dream of migrants
The trip that ended the dream of migrants
The authorities have not yet revealed the official number of deaths and yesterday there was talk of 39 people dead, including the bus driver who was Panamanian. The Institute of Legal Medicine informed, through a statement in the morning hours of today, that the state of the bodies and the lack of ante-mortem data make expert reports difficult, especially with regard to identification, since it will be necessary information on the countries of origin of migrants to obtain papilloscopic records.

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