PANAMA update: Corona pandemic


Panama registered 5 deaths and 260 cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, with which it rises 3,234 positive cases, 79 deaths and 23 recovered.

The Health authorities detailed that 2,817 are in home isolation, while there are 573 in hotels. According to the latest registry, there are a total of 315 hospitalized, of whom 213 are in the ward and 102 are in the Intensive Care Unit.

The director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, Lourdes Moreno, explained that “as for the number of tests, as of day 33 of the first reported case we have 14,588 done, that is, 3,410 tests for every million inhabitants.”

A total of 11,198 diagnostic tests or 77% have been negative and 3,390 have been positive (23%), Moreno explained.

Health authorities have recalled that a patient may undergo various tests to confirm the presence of COVID-19 in the body.

The chief of epidemiology said that young people continue to be the engine that the virus needs to spread. Compared with other countries in the Americas, it was reported that Panama is among the five with the lowest case fatality rate, 2.49%, indicating that the system has responded.

The Security Minister, Juan Pino, specified that on Good Friday 798 people were detained nationwide for violating the conditions of the indefinite quarantine in force since March 25 and which was tightened days ago with a mobility schedule based on the sex of the population.

The Health Minister stated that 23 nurses have tested positive with COVID-19 and Panama has “lost four health professionals and there is one in intensive care.”

“Four deaths of National Police units, and those who test positive will be staying in a hotel,” said Pino, head of the Security portfolio.

The justices of the peace in the municipalities are putting people held for violating the quarantine to clean the streets, one of the planned sanctions in addition to economic fines.

As for pedestrians who are caught, driving will increase the amount of fines and community work will be imposed, in addition to car drivers who are caught, their driver’s license will be suspended for three months and the car will be taken with crane.


On Wednesday, April 15, the MINSA in conjunction with the CSS and the Ministry of Security will begin the vaccination process for the staff of these institutions and, starting on Friday, April 17, the population of asylums in the country will be vaccinated. With the strategy of avoiding crowds.

Today a meeting was held with the CSS in order to coordinate the plan for the operation of the new modular hospital that will serve COVID 19 patients, in which, among other topics, the available resources and the services to be provided were evaluated. Insured and uninsured affected by COVID-19 will be attended.

This Thursday the amount of 1 million 442 thousand 920 doses of influenza vaccines arrived in Panama on a cargo flight from Miami to Panama, these doses had an amount of $ 8 million.

The influenza vaccine will be applied prioritizing the population of vulnerable groups that are children under 5 years of age, adults over 60 years of age, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women and another group that is workers was added. of poultry farms and the captive indigenous population of the county areas.

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