Bocas del Toro

Some Bocas del Toro History: Once destined for takeover by Mexico

The Mexican government wants to reconstruct the bizarre story of Catarino Garza Hidden in a corner of Bocas del Toro, Panama, is a part of the history of the Mexican revolution. One that the journalist and general, Catarino Erasmo Garza Rodríguez, wrote with his actions. A rebel who took …


Mining operations discover archeological history in Panama.

With the arrival of Minera Panama, interesting data has been obtained about the history of the Panamanian Central Caribbean region. Protecting and preserving cultural heritage is keeping alive the history of ancient civilizations. Currently, contributions have been made to the knowledge of the archaeological heritage of Panama, after important findings in …


The mystery of how 9000 books ended up in a landfill. A real “whodunnit?”

El señor presidente the novel of the Guatemalan Nobel Prize in Literature (1967) Miguel Ángel Asturias published in 1946. El Canal Barato by Federico Tuñón. 467 serial Lottery magazines from 1941 to 2012. Rogelio Sinán’s common cradle , from 1963. Nalu Nega , by the late Panamanian author Alfredo Cantón. Conversation in the Cathedral , the third novel by the author Mario …


I want this person contributing to PNO!!! LOL- The stain on Panama that doesn’t come out.

Panama, corrupt since ancient times? Corruption, throughout Panamanian history, has been entrenched at all levels, becoming ‘almost an institution,’ says historian, geographer and diplomat Omar Jaén Suárez. Corruption is also one of the most important ‘challenges’ facing the country because it distorts the economy and the sustainable development of societies   …


30th Anniversary: DARK DAY of PANAMA and US HISTORY (video)    


PANAMA History: The importance of Dec.12th

The controversy began in the year 1946. Once the first anniversary of the end of World War II was fulfilled, Panama asked the Government of the United States to vacate the 130 military bases that it maintained throughout the national territory. When the United States joined the hostilities, in 1942 Panama …


Before all my Holiday Cheer. One important post on Panama history.

OP ED: James “JB” Bryson- While perfectly content to continue to enjoy this Florida weather and NOT answer emails of press releases and more Panama skullduggery, I found this Washington Post article to be more than interesting enough to share for a number of reasons. First being it is the …