You ever have one of those days people? Today is one.


OP ED: by James “JB” Bryson– To my critics and consistent advice givers, e-mailers, and comment makers. “JB” is gonna go eat some lunch with the wifey.

My feeling today is the following sentiment posted above.

Get back to all you PNO visitors when I feel like it.

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Hoping all PNO couples had a pleasant Valentine’s weekend.

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Nito “triples down” on the actions of his administration. OP ED: James “JB” Bryson: My 3rd post on this, so obviously I am fascinated by the quotes coming from Cortizo. He’s backing himself into a corner and drawing a line in the sand with his insistence that all the bullshit of the past Political officials, Ministers, Comptrollers, Assembly …

This should be STUNNING!! C’mon Nito….Open Your Eyes!!

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