Water Treatment plant for Colon almost complete. Please help people in that region soon.


If they have to live in a lawless dump, at least give these people potable water. 


Once the work is completed and delivered, the contractor will give 3 years of operation and maintenance 

The National Aqueduct and Sewer Institute (IDAAN) reported that the expansion works of the Antonio Yepes de León water treatment plant in Sabanitas show a physical progress of 68%.

Idaan explains that the Acciona Sabanitas II Consortium is working on raw water intake, in the process area of ​​the water treatment plant; in addition to the driveline designs for shaft 3B, shaft 5 and the 2.5 million gallon storage tank at Santa Rita Arriba.

They point out that with these completed works, the production of drinking water will double to 30 million gallons per day.

More than 200,000 inhabitants of the city of Colón will benefit from the districts of Sabanitas, Cativá, Barrio Norte, Barrio Sur, Puerto Pilón, Limón, Nueva Providencia, Cristóbal, San Juan, Santa Rosa, Buena Vista and Salamanca.

The work has an approximate investment amount of B/. 111,308,228.39; after completion and delivery of the work, there will be 3 years of operation and maintenance by the contractor.


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