US backed Guaido in favor of Trump blockade.

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The head of the Venezuelan Parliament, Juan Guaidó, recognized as the interim president of the country by more than 50 nations, said that the total blockade of Venezuelan state assets in US territory announced by the Donald Trump Administration “seeks to protect Venezuelans.”

“This action seeks to protect Venezuelans,” said the opposition leader in a statement released Tuesday, citing his reactions on the Twitter social network shortly after the news of the blockade was known Monday night.

In his opinion, the US decision “It is the consequence of the arrogance of an unfeasible and indolent usurpation,” in allusion to the Executive of Nicolás Maduro, whom the Trump Administration and more than 50 countries do not see as legitimate.

“Every person, company, institution or nation that intends to do business with the regime will be, for the purposes of international justice, collaborating and supporting a dictatorship, and will be subject to sanction and accomplice of crimes that do not prescribe,” Guaidó continued.

The opponent also indicated that the blockade “has humanitarian exceptions in terms of food and medicine”, two items that are scarce in the Caribbean country, and also “protects the private sector that does not do business with a dictatorship.”

The Trump administration did not detail in its executive order what assets Venezuela held in the United States and, consequently, are affected by the measure.

The main Venezuelan state asset in the United States, the oil company Citgo, has already been blocked since January due to the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration against Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).

Guaidó said that with the blockade “Citgo and all its assets are protected.”

“In addition, any debt that the regime intends to contract with assets of the Nation will be illegal. Anyone who wants to benefit from the crisis will be driven away.”

According to The Wall Street Journal , the United States only maintains such measures against Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea.

The financial newspaper, which quoted an official of the US Government, also said that the measure is aimed at imposing an “embargo” against Venezuela.

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International Relations
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