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OP ED: James “JB” Bryson

Amazing what some “away time ” can accomplish for anyone during this time of Covid. For many Ex-Pats that have been stuck here in what is supposed to be our “paradise”, we are chomping at the bit to go home.

Jose “Josito” Zapata will be scouring the internet in my absence and looking for topics that we feel Ex-Pats and others should be made aware of and translated to English for dissemination. Still many many things happening here that need to improve. Covid has just taken such a huge priority that much is being missed.

To the many many people that have reached out to both myself and Steven over both 2019 and 2020 regarding issues either on the mainland, or elsewhere like Bocas or Taboga, there ARE avenues that you can pursue.

“Gringo Exploitation” should be actually part of the Panamanian GDP for the year. In my experience over the past 3 years, it has demonstrated as such. On the home page to the right is a FREE advertising link that has assisted both a friend of mine as well as another PNO reader that had a landlord/lawyer issue in Pedasi.

PNO and myself have been baited in the past to address some people and actually engage in conversations with them that unfortunately I KNOW are LIARS, THIEVES, CHARLATANS, OPPORTUNISTS, and CORRUPT MOTHERFUCKERS to the CORE. I think of the times I wanted to be talking about Ceviche or the Environment, and the time assigned to trying to address these e-mails we were deluged with. Even relying on my son in law to help.

I can speak for BOTH him and I and say we have stepped out of a comfort zone to stop (American’s especially) from being robbed.

BUT THIS IS PANAMA my friends!!!!

PANASOLUTIONS GROUP LATAM has FIXED both “Buddy’s” issue in Bocas, and a reader I met off an Ex-Pat Exchange chat room in Pedasi. They know the landscape as well as anyone I have met here. They are run by Dutch and American owners, and generally cater to Americans and Europeans that have settled here, only to learn they have been baited, switched, lied to, and overall screwed.

Like ALL links and sponsors I have put up, I don’t charge a cent! From the Anti Aging Clinic, to the Guitarist, to the IT repair guy. All FREE. Same applies here. We support people we think can help Ex-Pats. The rest is on you guys.

My advice would be to those that keep wanting to speak to either myself or Steven to reach out to them directly. If you are thinking of wasting any money in this place with an attorney, do yourself a favor and contact them first.

Best advice I can offer you.

Please be friendly with “Josito” and feel free to ask him ANYTHING about PANAMA. He was born and raised here and KNOWS it ALL.

Leave the ODEBRECHT, filthy Cortizo cabinet, bribes, and Environment to old “JB”. I will always find time to follow those bastards.

Saludos friends-


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You in US JB?
I’m gonna contact these people about my issues.
Continually being lied to. It’s gotten crazy. Two former BIG BIG BIG people are singing like birds.
I am just tired of spending money in Panama. Nothing happens. Travel safe amigo.

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