The National Assembly got who they wanted, now let’s see how he does.


The lawyer Gerardo Solís , former electoral attorney and former magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal (TE) , was elected with 68 votes in favor and 2 abstentions by the plenary of the National Assembly , the afternoon of this August 13, as the Comptroller of the Republic, in replacement by Federico Humbert, whose term expires next December.

It was up to Ricardo Torres, deputy and head of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), to support Solís’ nomination. “We believe that his personal training and straight track record of his public life is ideal for the job,” he said.

Meanwhile, deputy Eric Broce was responsible for running for Dagoberto Cortez as a subcontractor candidate. It will replace Nitzia de Villarreal, current subcontractor and who aspired to be re-elected in office.

Cortez was elected with 65 votes in favor and 5 abstentions.

Although there was a list of candidates for both positions, Solís and Cortez were the only ones nominated in the legislative plenary.

The only absence on the day was that of Deputy Marylín Vallarino.

During the vote to elect Solis, independent deputies Juan Diego Vásquez and Gabriel Silva abstained from voting. Both alleged lack of consultation and little time to scrutinize.

Vasquez said that a comptroller’s election is not decided in a week. “I do not see that this Assembly has used a better method for this election. I abstain,” he said.

Meanwhile, Silva claimed that there was not enough time to interview the candidates.

The other three independent deputies – Adam Bejerano, Edison Broce and Raúl Fernández – gave Solís the vote. Broce and Fernández believe that Solís’ candidacy has “nothing reprehensible” after holding several public offices and supporting independent candidacies for popular election positions at the time.

When President Laurentino Cortizo was consulted on the election of Solís as comptroller, he said that this is an issue that falls to the National Assembly. The Assembly has to do its job and we hope it does well, he added.

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