Surprise, Surprise, …Zulay in another spat.


An unexpected recess had to be decreed by the president of the National Assembly, Marcos Castilleros, when there was an intense crossing of words between the Minister of Security, Rolando Mirones, and the official deputy Zulay Rodríguez.

The exchange of questions and answers for allegations of alleged irregular rise, the Barrios Seguros program and damaged vehicles went from normal to intense when Deputy Rodriguez questioned Mirones on the immigration issue, to the point that the session had to be temporarily suspended.

After about five minutes, the plenary was resumed which was declared in permanent session until the participation of Mirones ended. As the session continued, the tone between the two returned to normal.

Mirones, appears on Friday, October 11 before the plenary session of the National Assembly to answer a questionnaire of 15 questions related to criminal activity in the country, the flow of migrants, the checkpoints and the Safe Neighborhoods program.

Mirones, at the start of his explanations, said that it is a false premise to say that he has increased crime rates in the country in the first 100 days of his management at the head of the institution.

Based on statistical data, Mirones said they reduced robberies, thefts and homicides. “There is no exponential increase in anything,” he said.

The minister reiterated that the Government has a comprehensive security plan that began to be developed more than two years ago, in a political campaign.

On the strategies for the repression of crime, he announced that they will create a logistics direction for the Ministry of Public Security. Similarly, more coordinated work is required between the three security bodies

Likewise, they will present a draft of modifications to certain norms of the Criminal Accusatory System and to the Justice of the Peace.

On the issue of permits to carry weapons, he said that work is being done to get out of the accumulated procedures.

About the Barrios Seguros program that was executed in the last government administration in no way diminished the criminal activity and that cost about 40 million dollars.

Mirones said he never talked about removing the seals and that this kind of actions are a tool that the police will continue to use, but that they have to have a purpose for them to have results.

Regarding the migratory flow, he said that they have implemented a policy of not allowing the trafficking of people and decided not to build a shelter for migrants in Darien, which would cost 10 million dollars.

Information in development …

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