by James “JB” Bryson

As PNO.com moves full steam ahead into our second year, we have taken use of the platform to meet and interact with literally hundreds and approaching thousands of people on a wide array of issues. In particular, staying attached to our mantra and objective of being a portal of information for ALL Ex-Pats either living or considering the move to Panama.

What we have tried (or at least “I” have tried), is to shine some light on issues that informed people that already know how to navigate the terrain in Panama, to those that are unaware of how things “work” here.

I have tried to write blog posts that examine the duplicity and shady dealings of the political climate here of administrations both past and present. I have covered extensively, the preying and outright theft of monies from Ex-Pats as it relates to land purchases in Panama. It is in this arena where I feel I have really seen a pattern of behavior that requires TRULY informed people to get out of the quicksand.

One of the people I came into contact with, is a man named Marcel Grundman. Marcel is an Ex-Pat in every sense of the word. Marcel is of Dutch descent, and has made a life for himself in both the real estate and finance arena here in Panama. When PNO.com was opining on a land deal gone bad with an American Ex-Pat in Pedasi, it was then when I came to know Marcel.

Marcel was key in educating the victim of the land purchase of what was occurring with the transaction, and how in his opinion he felt that his attorney was indeed “in” on the issue. In the time since that case was reported to me, Marcel has formed a company that consists of a group of individuals that collectively can provide a valuable service to those that feel they are  ( currently or have been ) victims of a scam.

I am happy and very willing to promote and solicit people to contact him and PAN SOLUTIONS GROUP LATAM in the event they have issues they wish to have come to a conclusion. As I was just informed this week that his website is under construction, I stated I would do a small write up and at the very least advise our readers that there is a place to contact in the interim.

For those readers who have already worked with the people that comprise PSG, I will allow you on your own to feel free to comment on what your experiences have been. I don’t want to take the liberty to speak on your behalf. But I am aware of the two cases that these gentlemen had an immediate impact on when they got involved, and two more that are currently underway.

These are good guys folks. People that have been through the fire and know how to get things done.  During the time being, Marcel can be contacted via email at :  marcel@panamasg.com

You may also contact me at : jb@panamanowonline.com and I would have no issue in aiding as liason between the two.


Saludos people-



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