Siesta time for the weekend. And well deserved.


by James “JB” Bryson

I have answered this question before, and “NO”, this old skinny prick in the photo is not me. I Googled “Retired Man“, and this image appeared so I ran with it. I am FAR better looking than this liver spotted guy. Back in the states to visit family after the recent Hurricane scare. Weather today is textbook, so don’t expect a long post.

When we get back, PNO will announce a partnership and support arrangement we have undertaken with some groups as it relates to the environment and the issues that we (or more so “I” ) truly am passionate about.

As it relates to some of the other topics that have inundated PNO over the past 19 months, we will still be tying up any loose ends that exist.

ODEBRECHT and the case related to the bribes and scandals will be monitored as always.

The budget management within the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and assuring people are not “on the take” will be maintained.

The dispute between TRES CRUCES and RED FROG BEACH will be tied up and addressed equally. After that, we are watching from the sidelines.

** (to the people who we keep e-mailing me at, know that I have had multiple conversations with RED FROG BEACH and nobody there is hiding from a response. Quite the opposite, they have been resolute and open to speak to me at all times.) **

Enjoy your weekends all, as I intend to do mine.


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Gonna have to Junior.
I’ll post something when I feel it is balanced.
Or you can contact them directly at their own website. They are not opposed to giving their opinion independently of PNO.
I have found them to be quite open.


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