Roux and Martinelli battles continue as CD party fractures.


The decision of the Board of Democratic Change (CD), to deny the convening of an Extraordinary National Convention, apparently ended up atomizing the collective founded by the former president of the Republic Ricardo Martinelli.

The conventional CD, which collected the signatures to convene the Extraordinary National Convention to renew its board of directors, decided to “hang the gloves” and give up continuing the process before the Electoral Court.

Now they will try to form a new ‘martinelist’ political party. In a press conference they questioned the decision of the current president of CD, Romulo Roux, and his board of directors, for denying the request and asking the Electoral Tribunal for an opinion on the issue.

The board of directors decided to reject the request, after verifying and analyzing the petition and determining that 34 of the signatures correspond to people who are no longer registered in the group, 90 signatures correspond to substitutes who were not duly authorized to sign and 13 correspond to people who signed off the official list of conventional, throwing a total of 859 signatures enabled to support the mentioned application.

“It is a disrespect of Romulo Roux to demerit the signatures collected from the conventional ones and to issue an opinion denying a call to an Extraordinary National Convention without the authorization of the other members of the National Directory and without waiting for the Electoral Tribunal to issue an opinion on the matter,” said Felix Moulanier, member of CD bases.

For his part, Rubén Darío Campos III maintained that, even with the purification of the signatures made by the party, there were the number of signatures to validate and request the call for an Extraordinary Convention, however, the decision was dismissed. of the conventional ones, so they do not fully know the answer note issued where their legitimate claim is denied.

Luis Eduardo Camacho said that the bases gave up the right to file an appeal to the illegal decision of Rómulo Roux, and after hearing the statements of Ricardo Martinelli, announced their interest in creating a new political collective.

Likewise, he announced that this Tuesday at 2:00 pm he will present himself to the Electoral Tribunal to formalize his resignation to Democratic Change.

Decree 9 of June 12, 2017 – which modifies decree 14 of June 9, 2014, which establishes the new number of adherents required for the constitution of a political party – established that a collective can be constituted by a little more than 37,008 members, counting the signatures of those who support the movement.

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