PNO supports AWF. Please use link.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson– I know we are in the midst of Oceans Month here in Panama, and I hope people are looking into my last post and link to help out.

Since our readership and online presence has grown over the last 18 months, I wanted to add the AWF to the other charities that I like to speak of and foster involvement.

If I had my own war I ever wanted to wage, it would be against the poaching of endangered species and the over fishing of our beautiful oceans. Every year more people are on the planet acting as their own personal space heaters and raising CO2 levels across the Earth.

With more people comes the greater need to create commerce, even if that commerce means killing some of the most majestic creatures to share this rock with us all for nothing. IVORY of which nobody can discern the difference between marble. FURS which can be made artificially and serve the exact same purpose. SHARK CARTILAGE which has NO medicinal value. And the worst- RHINO HORN which does NOTHING and can be replicated with a CIALIS.

Please don’t sit by idle on the sidelines as we watch these creatures leave our Earth. Please click on the link we have added and get involved.

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