PNO- more than just a referee.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson– To my loyal email assault list that prompt me to disseminate more information on Tres Cruces and RFB, I think I made it abundantly clear that I have heard from both sides.

I DO INDEED, have a laptop and am aware that there was another article in LA ESTRELLA that came out. So if you can reach LA ESTRELLA, you can obviously read it.

I am currently awaiting a response from Mr.Joe Haley at RED FROG BEACH, as that was the agreement and position I took with him. And that is what I will be doing. A long interview was granted to Tres Cruces, and I made it clear the same courtesy to reply is being honored with them.

So now that I have been baptized into the haze of this 12 year standoff, know that I don’t GIVE A SHIT about the microscopic particulars of each side. My son in law has probably given me over $5K worth of free legal just proofreading and looking over shit, and he is a US counsel. NOT Panamanian. It all looks alien to me when attempting to understand.

What is right is right in my book, and eventually one would think that the truth will come out. But it is NOT my duty or call to ARMS to find it. I am certainly concerned about some of the claims made, because some of the claims deserve concern. But PNO is not a Panamanian court. In the end “I guess” that they will have final word. And from what has been told to us, they already have.

SO……I am planning on heading to Coiba National Park and doing something for myself this weekend. If anyone wants to chat with me about that, feel free.

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