Exclusive Interview coming next week.


by James “JB” Bryson

I am very happy to give a teaser announcement that will be granted an exclusive interview in the upcoming week with a high ranking member of Panamanian Government.

After some important communications, I am pleased to see this interview materializing. STAY TUNED for the announcement of who it is……

As a settled Ex-Pat and proud permanent resident of Panama, I intend to use as a REAL PLATFORM for BOTH ex-pats and Panamanians alike.

I want all to know that this is not some blog I intend to run like a Facebook or Social Media page. I look for REAL topics, and I will seek REAL opinions. I am not a journalist, but I don’t need to be. I am not getting paid and I can’t be bought.

I am a fan of debate and discourse, and THAT is why I want visitors to come to this site.

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From JB and all the gang!!!!