Panama makes clear statement who it is rooting for in World Cup.


“Good for Argentina. I want Messi to be champion”

The history between Mexico and Panama experienced a new chapter today in the World Cup duel between Mexicans and Argentines. Lionel Messi’s albiceleste thrashed El Tri 2-0 and the Panamanians celebrated… “Mexicans turning off their networks for a couple of days due to the bullying that is coming,” posted the entertainment portal El Gallinazo.

“You will cry and cry, sweetheart,” lawyer Rubén Darío Pittí commented on the social network Twitter at the end of the duel in Qatar.

“That happens for speaking ill of Argentina and not being humble criticizing the Argentines who allowed themselves to be robbed of the Malvinas, that is not done”, Ochoa with his pampers full of… his jets come out “, are other of the comments that have flooded social networks.

“Good for Argentina. I want Messi to be champion. We are doing well,” posted the journalist Álvaro Alvarado.

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For his part, the sports commentator, Rony Vargas said: “This is the Messi the world is waiting for.”

Other journalists also released their opinions. As is the case of David Faitelson, who wrote: “Mexico does not have the football to compete in this World Cup.”

The commentator also wrote: “Now it’s up to the game against Saudi Arabia and ‘the calculator’.

“Footballers? The coach? Managers?… Everyone is responsible… The only” victims “are always the Mexican fans”, he posted in another tweet.

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The portal of the newspaper with the largest circulation, Clarín, highlighted on the front page that “with a great goal from Enzo Fernández, Argentina liquidates Mexico and achieves a key victory.”

In the development of the information, the newspaper commented that Lionel Scaloni’s team “gave a sample of character and recovered after a difficult first half where he had not found his game”.


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