ODEBRECHT body count rising as ex Ministry head sentenced.



The ex-head of Special Projects of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), Carlos Ho , signed a penalty agreement with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor of the Odebrecht case, and was sentenced to 108 months in prison for committing crimes against public administration and money laundering of capitals.

Carlos Ho González was arrested on September 5, 2017. Archive
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    The agreement was validated at a homologation hearing held last Monday, September 16, in the Twelfth Criminal Court, by Judge Óscar Carrasquilla.

The judge reduced a third of the sentence, since the defendant accepted the charges, remaining in 72 months in prison. Similarly, Ho was recognized for the 24 months he was detained preventively.

Ho is indicated to have received funds from the Department of Structured Operations – of coimas – of Odebrecht, because of his position in the MOP, and with which he could have acquired a series of properties that, supposedly, exceed his borrowing capacity versus your salary.

In this case, Daysi Rodríguez Villarreal and Dayse Adelina Villarreal Zambrano , stepdaughter and wife of Ho, respectively, are also investigated for allegedly covering up the actions of the former Chief of Special Projects.

Ho’s stepdaughter is listed as director and treasurer of Level Group Corp. , registered on May 9, 2011, through which the former official would have bought a $ 160,000 apartment in 2013.

Ho’s wife is accused of allegedly having registered properties whose value exceeds their economic capacity.

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