Now “La Estrella”?? Maybe when “American Greed” does an episode RFB can stop picking on PNO.


by James “JB” Bryson

OP ED: (as in EDITORIAL, as in MY OPINION, …as in EAT S–T )

I wake up to yet another news agency running the story on RED FROG BEACH. I really, really, really, want to know if Carmen Vicente at GMAIL is contacting them like she did me?? Probably not. They probably thought I had no resources at my disposal.

Well I got some money, have lawyers in my direct family, served in the military, and worked for a government agency for 22 years. I/E Wrong fight to pick. But enough on me……….what are the RED FROG BEACH people going to do with all these newspapers that are actually printing news?

Truthfully, It’s becoming “GROUNDHOG DAY” lately. Every day more of the same. I wish that RFB could change the narrative and defend this more than just some private petition. I mean really?,,,,,why don’t they just start a GoFundMe link under “Help us pay off people and sue Bloggers”.

English Translation below:



The National Land Authority (Anati) and the Supreme Court of Justice put an end to a ten-year dispute – for two properties on Bastimentos Island – that were maintained by two groups of foreign investors: Tres Cruces de Oro and Bastimentos Holdings, owners of the Red project Frog

This after last July 2, Anati recognized the possessory right of Tres Cruces de Oro on farms 378225 and 404806, lands that were claimed by the two groups of foreign investors, in the midst of presentations of false boundaries and attacks physical

It is a 22-hectare land globe facing the sea, where the Tres Cruces de Oro society will develop a five-star eco-luxe hotel, the first of Bastimentos Island, which will contribute to the economic development of the island and the generation of places of employment.

The adjudication of the property was sustained in a final inspection of the disputed land on April 17, 2019, stating that Theobald, now Bastimentos Holdings, wanted to appropriate these lands’ on the pretext that they were part of its estate 122 ‘and that the true holder of the possessory rights is Narvise Ayarza, who ceded his rights to Tres Cruces de Oro.

The Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice in its last ruling ordered Bastimentos Holding to correct the boundaries of its farm 122.

Both Anati and the Court denied him a warning of illegality and an amparo of guarantees to Bastimentos Holdings, since the courts have resolved ‘res judicata’ in favor of Three Golden Crosses.

The representative of Bastimentos Island, Ashburn Dixon, indicated that the owners of Red Frog not only have land problems with Tres Cruces de Oro, but with all of the town of Bastimentos Island.

‘They (Red Frog) want to take over the entire island illegally. They are selling properties without being the owners of the land, and this is a serious problem that the Government has to investigate, because so far the complaints have been filed and they do not prosper because there is a lot of corruption, ‘Dixon warned.

The official added that the damage of this company is not only due to the earth’s mess, but also to the environment and the Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente) does nothing. He explained that the biodiversity of the site has been impacted in the area that Red Frog built: the frogs have disappeared and a pool was built in the area where the turtles nest, he said.

‘There is enormous damage and (Red Frog) does not give any economic compensation to the population of Bastimentos Island. They profit and the people remain the same, ‘said Dixon.’THERE IS ENORMOUS DAMAGE AND (RED FROG) DOES NOT GIVE ANY ECONOMIC COMPENSATION TO THE POPULATION OF BASTIMENTOS ISLAND.LUCRAN AND THE PEOPLE REMAIN THE SAME ‘,



For his part, Richard Kiiber, one of the owners of Tres Cruces de Oro, said that it has been a long battle where his counterpart has used physical aggressions and other illegalities to keep land that does not belong to him and that were never part of his farm.

According to Tres Cruces de Oro, between 2006 and 2011, Bastimento Holding invaded the property of Tres Cruces / Perlito Narvise with aggression, weapons and force.

‘They tried to intimidate and take the property by force. However, on more than one occasion, Red Frog was expelled through legal proceedings by local police. Even now that the legal process in our favor has been resolved, they continue the aggressions to prevent us from entering our property, ‘said Kiibler.

He indicated that in order to leave no doubt about the legality of the long titling process that went through Tres Cruces de Oro, they have placed on the website all the legal documents in chronological order, including a process in the third room put by Bastimentos Holdings to hamper the project. ‘It made us lose three years but never gave Red Frog any rights over the farms. But Anati finally cleared the request of the third Chamber with an additional inspection, ‘Kiiber said.

What a great movie. I’m going to watch it again soon. Thanks for the reminder. Following your website JB since we met don’t know if you remember me. I bought you Toyota Hilux from Encuentra 24. What a mess these Red Frog people I saw they threatened you. Bienvenido a Panama. You should interview that representante from Bastimentos I know you are big advocate of environment issues. Good nite hope to wake to not see Groundhog Day again. Almost no more newspapers left only La Critica

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