Nito “triples down” on the actions of his administration.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson: My 3rd post on this, so obviously I am fascinated by the quotes coming from Cortizo. He’s backing himself into a corner and drawing a line in the sand with his insistence that all the bullshit of the past Political officials, Ministers, Comptrollers, Assembly Members, etc is going to STOP on his watch. He stated he is happy with “99%” so far. OK, who occupies the 1%. I have some ideas. Keep your eyes and ears open for the meeting on the 31st.


The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo , made an assessment this Friday, January 31, 2020 of the work of his ministers, vice ministers, directors of entities, among other officials and sent a message to those who are not complying with the projected so that “ put the batteries ”.

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Laurentino Cortizo will ask the ministers and directors for accountsPresident Laurentino Cortizo will evaluate his team next Friday

After the meeting, held at the Playa Bonita hotel, in Veracruz (Arraiján), the president retired and gave no statements to the media. It was the Secretary of Strategic Communication of the State, Óscar Ramos , who spoke and said that it was an “alignment” meeting and that it was not a pull of ears for the officials.

“It has not been a jerk of ears, rather it is: this is what we want to execute, the action plan, we have to carry it out,” said Ramos.

“Everyone get in tune; I am happy with 99%, the 1% that I am owing, put the batteries, “added the presidential spokesman on President Cortizo’s words to the government team.

Ramos was emphatic in saying that it was an alignment meeting to reinforce the objectives that are determined in the action plan, within those institutions that are falling behind in the execution.

La Prensa Panamá@prensacom

Secretario de Comunicación del Estado, Óscar Ramos, afirma que el 99% del equipo ministerial y de altos funcionarios está dónde debe estar y “a ese 1% póngase las pilas que el Presidente tomará las medidas”. Video Isaac Ortega. 2112:45 – 31 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads65 personas están hablando de esto

Upon leaving the meeting, the general director of the Social Security Fund, Enrique Lau Cortés, said that the meeting with President Cortizo was to align resources and focus on what they have to do.

La Prensa Panamá@prensacom

El director de la Caja del Seguro Social, Enrique Lau Cortés, explicó que en la reunión con el Presidente de la República, @NitoCortizo se debatieron los lineamientos para la lucha contra la pobreza y la desigualdad social. Video Isaac Ortega. 12:31 – 31 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter AdsVer los otros Tweets de La Prensa Panamá

For his part, the Minister of Commerce Ramón Martínez, explained that meetings of this type will be every six months. “The president always talks about doing the work that they promised to do and that anyone who is deviating from that purpose has to go back to the road and who is not going to play by that rules, outside,” he added

La Prensa Panamá@prensacom

El ministro de Comercio e Industrias, Ramón Martínez, expresó que la reunión de evaluación y lineamientos con el presidente Laurentino Cortizo, se realizará cada 6 meses y señaló que no se trata de remover a ningún funcionario. Video Isaac Ortega. 412:34 – 31 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter AdsVer los otros Tweets de La Prensa Panamá


Cortizo arrived at the meeting with the Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo, who went behind closed doors.

La Prensa Panamá@prensacom

Llegan el presidente de la República, Laurentino Cortizo @NitoCortizo y el vicepresidente de la República José Gabriel Carrizo @gabycarrizoj a la reunión de evaluación del equipo de Gobierno en el hotel Playa Bonita. Video Isaac Ortega. 169:47 – 31 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads25 personas están hablando de esto

Before 9:00 am, ministers, directors and governors arrived at the hotel facilities for the meeting with President Cortizo.

This media observed the arrival of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alejandro Ferrer; the administrator of Tourism, Iván Eskildsen; the director of the General Directorate of Revenue, Publio De Gracia; the Comptroller of the Republic, Gerardo Solís; the director of Passports Omar Ahumada, as well as the ministers of Commerce and Industries, Ramón Martínez, of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, among others.

Laurentino Cortizo evaluates his team;  says only 1% is owing

It was the second meeting of this kind between the President of the Republic, who took office last July 1, and his collaborators. The first was at the beginning of the Government and was held at the Palacio Bolívar, headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

La Prensa Panamá@prensacom

Cuerpos de seguridad ya se encuentran en las inmediaciones del hotel Playa Bonita donde se efectuará la reunión del Presidente Laurentino Cortizo con su equipo. Fotos Isaac Ortega

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77:43 – 31 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter AdsVer los otros Tweets de La Prensa Panamá

During the events for the 20th anniversary of the reversion of the Panama Canal, on December 31, Cortizo said that, “in general,” he was satisfied with his team.

Days before during an official tour in the province of Colon, the ruler informed that “each one” of the members of his team, including ministers, would be evaluated in January 2020.

La Prensa Panamá@prensacom

Así llegaron los distintos ministros y altos funcionarios del Gobierno de @NitoCortizo al hotel Playa Bonita, donde se realizará una reunión a la que han denominado de “alineamiento”. Fotos Isaac Ortega. 

Ver imagen en Twitter
Ver imagen en Twitter
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69:55 – 31 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter AdsVer los otros Tweets de La Prensa Panamá

He even said that he expects “the vast majority to stay” but for that they had to work “aligned.” He did not specify how such evaluations would be carried out or if the results would be disclosed.

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