Never TOO early. PNO push for MARTINELII. ALL THE WAY 100%



As Panama is my “HOME”, and has been for quite some time, I encourage those “tweeners” of Ex-Pats to take the same stance that if you are RETIRED and spend the majority of their time here should become more involved in the political process.

With all of the aspects that one can point to “OUR-  United States” Government, it is hard to not sometimes sound hypocritical as if America has it all figured out.

  1. The Stock Market ( of which my lifestyle is based upon) is nothing more than a “shell game for the 1%” to further divide the wealth disparity in the US. It is no longer if a company is doing well and the PPS (price per share) is based of that data.  It is more so how that data can be manipulated into a tool to make more more for those that already have a strong liquid position and don’t need stocks to go up or down. Like a Casino-  “the house always wins”.  I’m disgusted by the way things work on Wall Street and continue to do so.
  2. I see people eat out of garbage in Panama all the time. But if you go to any major metropolis in the United States, you can see the same thing. The “jobs” are technically there, but they are ones you can’t live on. And if you work them it works against you in terms of benefits from the states. In America—- you can literally do BETTER for NOT WORKING.
  3. People ask me if I feel safe when living abroad, yet I leave the MOST VIOLENT and CIVILY LEGAL ARMED NATION in the World.

See, America is guilty in as much if not more of the plight of the world, het also has the most 1%’s that they can be more altruistic and giving while still not affecting their day to day lives in the smallest of ways. Homeless, Grants, Food Banks, Housing, ….all of these things can be accomplished at the more substantial level due to the amount of 1%’ers. America at it’s CORE is still CORRUPT and ROTTEN and built for the HAVES and not the HAVE NOTS. Too much old money has been pushed through generation to generation, that the gap just gets bigger and bigger.

PANAMA is not different. Panama is around 4 Million people. Yet I am on the opinion about (400) control it. IF NOT LESS. Since the canal was completely handed over to Panama, they instantly became the owner of the World’s Most Reliable ATM. Panama has grown as a cosmopolitan city and FAR from the terminology of “3rd World”. But every administration has been GUILTY of dipping their hands into the coffers and using this growth for self benefit.  EVERY POLITICIAN TO A MAN OR WOMAN!!  PERIOD

Which brings me to my certainly pre-mature, yet far from ill timed ENDORSEMENT of RICARDO MARTINELLI to be re-elected as PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC ON PANAMA in 15 Months.  The polls don’t lie. He even WON as MAYOR while incarcerated  and being tried for crimes against the country. OF WHICH HE WAS EXONERATED after a un-precedented Witch Hunt from his former VP.

PANAMA, while surrounded by oligarchs and dictators, needs and yearns to be represented by a MAN OF THE PEOPLE again. One who has faced his detractors and is still standing wishing to serve his nation. Enough with the “I know I did, but you did this” rhetoric.  It can go back to Pre-Noriega. Please expect to read much of the road he will travel and the traps that will be set to keep this man from president to appear on PNO.  But in the end, the PEOPLE of the PANAMANIAN 99% will WIN, and WIN by a landslide.



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