Leave it to children to draw attention to COLON violence.


Recently a 3-year-old minor died as a result of the violence in this province

A march to call for a stop to the violence, a stop to the deaths in the province of Colón was held this Friday, August 12, in which members of the National Police and students from the Porfirio Meléndez School participated.

“Today the police station has organized a march for peace and our campus is supporting them, today we have fourth, fifth and sixth grade students,” said Ana De Salazar, deputy director of the school.

For his part, the Deputy Director General of the National Police, Simón Henríquez, pointed out that these children are calling attention to those who are immersed in the world of crime.

I have explained that a town without violence is a town that develops day by day, so it is important to hear this call made by students and show that in Colón there are more positive people than negative.

The march toured the 11th and 12th streets of Santa Isabel, province of Colón, carrying a message of healthy coexistence.

This year in this province there are more than 50 homicides. One of the most recent cases was that of a 3-year-old minor who was shot in the head as a result of the violence in that province.


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