Keep an eye here…..PNO just posted about OVER-FISHING. Here is agreement with Panama and her “Prince” future husband in Ghana.


This reeks of INSIDER BS. Bust as I have stated….’THIS IS PANAMA”.

Harding assured that from the National Assembly he will provide all the necessary support

The Prince of Ghana, Anthony Bart-Appiah, together with his Panamanian fiancee, Deputy Kayra Harding, met with the General Administrator of the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama (ARAP), Flor Torrijos, to whom they explained the interest in establishing communication channels, to achieve a memorandum of understanding between Panama and the different African countries, in order to work in coordination on the issue of fishing.

Deputy Harding said she was satisfied that Panama contributes to the Panama-Africa relationship that is demanded by the European community to fulfill international commitments that will benefit the country.

“The commitment is that the memorandum of understanding be achieved to give full support to Panamanian fishing activities, with which many families who live from this activity benefit,” indicates a press release.

You can read:  They investigate the past of Deputy Harding’s future husband

Harding assured that from the National Assembly he will provide all the necessary support.

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