I have reasons why I love this guy. He faces the music. (Carrizo, Varela, Porcell,,,,,,where are you?)


The tentacles of ODEBRECHT are wrapped around the entire Republic of Panama, and yet solely created by the ingoing and outgoing administrations, they all want to place it on RICARDO MARTINELLI.

I am an OPEN- RM Supporter- in that ONE can’t be blamed for the cookie jar that a MILIION hands were in. Out of ALL the other presidents, up to and including the one that “wants” to be CARRIZO.  (How about the water and supplies during COVID Gabby?????  I don’t forget)………it is ONLY MARTINELLI that has endured the legal system.  


  • None of the others can say that. Especially that turncoat and lying MF’er Varela. He is 100% correct in stating that this is all monkeyshines to re-engage Martinelli who is PRIMED and READY to become PRESIDENT again.  I respect and follow fighters, and anyone can say what they want about RM……you can’t say he is a pussy.  He is what PANAMA has needed and NEEDS AGAIN. 



“If they find me a real ill-gotten, I cut them off.” This is how the former president of the Republic Ricardo Martinelli blurted out two days ago, upon his arrival on the steps of the Supreme Court of Justice.


This occurred in the middle of the preliminary hearing of the Odebrecht case in which he, along with 49 natural and legal persons, are charged with the crime of money laundering for allegedly receiving bribes from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

Martinelli went on to say “but if they don’t find it, let them cut it off from Gaby Carrizo, let them try to beat me at the polls; not cheating me out.”


The former president also described this preliminary Odebrecht hearing as “political and invented.” He assures that the Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo, gives orders to the presiding magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) María Eugenia López so that the judge in this case, Baloísa Marquínez, resolves to convict him and be disqualified from running as president. of the Republic in the general elections of 2024.

But prosecutor Ruth Morcillo argues that the former president and Importadora Ricamar received money from Odebrecht box 2, used to pay bribes. He says that there are documentary and testimonial elements of evidence from representatives of the Odebrecht company that link Martinelli and Importadora Ricamar with this crime and in which it is detailed that part of the transaction that links him is related to millionaire transfers that he receives from the Caribean Holding company.

The trial has advanced and entered the phase of defense arguments. Martinelli, however, came out with another message. This time through his instagram account. A photo of him appears in a walker and with a girdle that covers his entire back. The message reads: “I should have done my therapy well but I didn’t and now I suffer the consequences.”

Two messages in the same week. Interpretations are the order of the day.

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