Gladiator ” I will win the crowd”. Martinelli still has what Varela never could.


OP ED: by James “JB” Bryson– Yesterday he was looking at 21 years, today he is looking at shits and slacks. While some are claiming that justice did not prevail, I say that “justice” was not the issue here. Panama still needs to forge ahead to become a respected country in terms of politics, but Martinelli managed to do what most politicians fail at, and that is to continue to be adored long after his term ended. That speaks volumes. I lead with my quote from “Gladiator”. WIN THE CROWD!!!


La Opinión Gráfica del 10 de agosto del 2019

Former President Ricardo Martinelli toured, on Saturday, August 10, several shopping centers in the capital.

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    After verdict in case of punctures, Balbina Herrera says that ‘we hit bottom in the administration of justice’
    The decision to acquit Ricardo Martinelli is a ‘legal outburst’: Harry Diaz
    Court rejects evidence and declares Ricardo Martinelli not guilty
    In the morning, he visited Los Andes Mall, of his property, and then moved to Albrook Mall, where photographs were taken with citizens greeting him in the halls of the establishment. A murga accompanied him on the tour.

This, after yesterday, Friday, the Court of Oral Trial in the case of “punctures” declared it – unanimously – not guilty of the crimes of monitoring and surveillance without judicial authorization, interception of telecommunications without judicial authorization, filed by subtraction and peculation of use, for which the prosecution accused him and requested a sentence of 21 years in prison in total.

The judges considered that the prosecution could not prove
The faces say it all.

The judges considered that the prosecution could not prove Luis García
This court was composed of judges Roberto Tejeira (president), Arlene Caballero (rapporteur) and Raúl Vergara (third judge).

Thus, the judges ordered that the precautionary measure of house arrest maintained by the former president of the Republic be lifted; however, the impediment to leaving the country remains.

A murga accompanied the path of the former president in the 'malls'.
“Now where is that MF’er Varela at??”

A murga accompanied the path of the former president in the ‘mall

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