Flights resuming at Tocumen as Panama slowly crawls back to life….”JB” soon out!


OP ED: By James “JB” Bryson

After a major surge in infections after the first failed attempt at re-opening the country, flights are now beginning to bleed slowly out of the country as certain permissions have been granted for travel.

As many have still contacted me via email and friends have been made, the desire to post on a daily basis has most certainly been deflated. Like many of you, we are family people who grew up mainly in the cold. We chose Panama for great weather and my ability to fish whenever the hell I wanted. Needless to say my mind has not been on rod and reel.

Let me take this post to add that as soon as we are permitted, I will be taking a LONG hiatus back to the US. We have great people that can stay in our condo, and we are looking forward to seeing our family. Who just happen to live in the state (Florida) that has seen the whole place turn into a shit show in terms of new infections.

During this time, PNO is still going to be up and live. It will be run by one of our friends here and his Panamanian wife. They know exactly what type of articles we look to re-distribute and will maintain our focus of translating important news for both Ex-Pats and locals alike.

In truth, it will probably be run much better. We intend to increase our advertising focus and gain more traction within Panama. I simply don’t have the gumption currently to do so. The Covid has been an absolute BITCH.

I hope and pray that everyone is not being the assholes not taking pre-cautions and not wearing masks. At the end of the day it really is not asking that much.

I do have much I want to bullshit about believe me. SUNTRACS, Odebrecht, the shady cabinet of NITO, Varela, Martinelli brothers extradition, and of course the environment. All of that will continue under the guidance of others.

Please continue to visit, as I feel in the two years since we started as a past time, we have seen some great things occur. I especially want to thank those that have signed up for BOTH the Wounded Warrior and AWF charities through the site.

Enjoy life everyone and stay safe.



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