EX PAT TIPS: This new thing called “BRUNCH”


by James “JB” Bryson

So I managed to go through 51 years of life back in the US and can truly say that I NEVER really planned a “BRUNCH”. I mean I may have had a late breakfast or early lunch, but to my wife this brunch business is a BIG DEAL.

Every time we have visitors, it is “this” event that she is intent on planning. So at her behest, she wants us to start providing some insight on some of the many many locales we have dined at.

With that being said……


We went to SOLOMON”S DELI recently and had a really nice “brunch” when the family was here recently.

I guess I do need to say that the option of getting a burger while others get eggs does appeal to me.

Literally “everything” on the table was good. A lot of sharing and taste sampling going around.

The “Bananutella Pancakes” are a winner. Obviously very sweet, but damn good. Also the “Breakfast Poutine” which is pictured below.

Image result for solomons deli panama breakfast poutine

Those are french fries covered in a soft cheese curd that is completely addicting.

So to any of my ExPat friends or people here that just have not gone yet. I would say make the time to do so. Or contact my wife and she will gladly plan something for you.




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