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The Almagro office asked the Bolivian legislature to meet ‘urgently’.


The OAS General Secretariat , headed by Luis Almagro, rejected on Monday November 11 “any unconstitutional exit” to the crisis in Bolivia after the resignation of President Evo Morales amid strong protests over questioned elections, and urged to ensure the realization of new elections.

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    IACHR calls for an end to violence in Bolivia and to respect the ‘Constitution’
    Bolivia dawns without president
    The vice president of the Senate announces that she assumes the presidency of Bolivia
    President Evo Morales resigns after OAS report and lost military support
    “The General Secretariat calls for pacification and respect for the rule of law” in Bolivia, said the central organ of the Organization of American States (OAS), in a statement.

The office of Almagro asked the Bolivian legislative power to meet “urgently” to “ensure institutional functioning and appoint new electoral authorities that guarantee a new electoral process.”

In addition, he called on the judiciary to continue investigating possible crimes related to the questioned elections of October 20 “until the last consequences.”

Hours before his surprise resignation, Morales had called for new elections, after an OAS audit pointed to “serious irregularities” in the elections.

The resignation on Sunday of Morales, under pressure from the military, police and the opposition, who demanded that he leave the position he has held since 2006 in order to pacify the country, left a power vacuum after three weeks of rioting over elections in the that the first indigenous president of Bolivia sought to perpetuate himself in power.

The outcome was denounced as a “coup d’etat” by left-wing governments in Latin America, including Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay.

Mexico announced Monday that it will request an “urgent meeting” of the OAS to discuss the situation in Bolivia, following a request from Colombia on Sunday.

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