Every case she touched has to be looked at now.



During the administration of prosecutor Kenya Porcell, the Public Ministry has conducted 105 high-profile investigations, mostly related to crimes against public administration, money laundering and corruption.

Among some of the most emblematic causes advanced in this period is the investigation for peculation and money laundering generated by the payment of bribes by the Brazilian company Odebrecht to obtain facilities for the development of infrastructure works.

In addition, the investigation known as Blue Apple, also for bribes for the award of public contracts, the allocation of contracts of the National Aid Program (PAN) , the investigation for the acquisition of the Epasa group known as the New Business case , the use of the liquidated Financial Pacific securities house for money laundering and that of the Mossack Fonseca firm also for money laundering, among others.

Of these cases 56 were sent with a fiscal view to the Judicial Branch, but 29 of them are paralyzed by the presentation of judicial remedies, another 27 are under investigation, in 18 a provisional dismissal was issued and only in 4 there have been convictions.

During these investigations, more than $ 398 million have been recovered, through efforts made in other jurisdictions and in local banks.

High profile cases
High profile cases
High profile cases

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