Even “New” Panama, still guilty of selective moral high ground.



OP ED: James “JB” Bryson- As they usher yet another high level scumbag out of court in handcuffs, with the appearance that Panama is cracking down on BRIBES and PAYOFFS, I do have to laugh. Look, I am certain this MFer is guilty and complicit with ODEBRECHT. Not my point. My point is WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY ELSE. This selective application of punishment and application thereof is total horseshit!! Where is VARELA?

This poor prick looks like Lee Harvey Oswald being led into the parking garage. “I’m a patsy”. I have learned way to much about the back door dealings of this place to think of this as anything more than a sacrificial lamb. So many more hands in the cookie jar. “JB”


The Superior Court of Appeals on Thursday morning revoked the replacement of the prison sentence for community work in favor of Raúl de Saint Malo, convicted of money laundering in the Odebrecht case .

Prosecutor Tania Sterling declared on leaving the court that this instance turned the corresponding offices.”We understand that Raúl De Saint Malo must go to prison,”Tania Sterling, prosecutor

De Saint Malo was sentenced to 60 months in prison in the Odebrecht case. After the ruling, he requested the replacement of the penalty for community work, which was finally granted a few days ago.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor announced that it would appeal the measure.

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JB, this one could be interesting. He’s the brother of Varela’s VP! His sister can’t help him anymore. Ouch that’s a stretch he’s facing and he gave back the cash too. Doesn’t look like Cortizo is on a witch hunt and probably won’t ever but imagine it if he was. The whole place is an open sewer of corruption. But still the best place to retire in Central America. Adiós

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