Dovetailing off Steven’s post: PANAMA #1 destination of Conde’ Nest. Bocas: Get your shit together.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson: Timing is everything. Just the other day my son in law posted his first OP ED not relating to legal about his recent travel and the possibility of seeing more of Panama. Well the world seems to think that there is much to see here too, as evidenced by the high ranking given by travel leader Conde’ Nest.

My point is clear, the WORLD is ready to come to Panama, but Panama is NOT ready for the WORLD. So much short sighted dealings when the opportunity is ripe for smart eco-tourism. But the “system” that governs will miss the boat with all the corruption and bullshit that exists.

There are so many simply beautiful areas of Panama. (Bocas del aToro being just one). The time to invest in infrastructure outside of ODEBRECHT dominated Panama City is NOW.


The Conde Nest Traveler travel guide published his review of the best destinations to visit next year. And the number one is Panama.

According to the review, whose author is the journalist Lizzie Pook, the eco-tourist hotels are going to put Panama back on the map.

He adds that from coffee, Spanish fortresses and virgin islands, “Panama has the supply but still lacks the demand.” Something that could change next year, he predicts.

The magazine then cites the opening of several ecological hotels in the Dry Islands area in December 2019, which gives access to 14 small rugged islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí on the Panamanian Pacific coast.

One of them is 33 nautical miles from the mainland and can accommodate 18 guests on each of the four islands. The novelty of the hotel complex is that 100% of the energy used will be solar and 100% of waste and wastewater will be recycled.

The marine park has one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific, which means that in the surrounding waters there are eagles, humpback whales, hammerhead sharks and Ridley olive turtles in danger of extinction, the magazine explains.

Another ecological hotel is north of the Dry Islands, has 14 rooms and is on 161 hectares of protected forest. Next year the Marriott International chain will also open a hotel in Pearl Island.

There is ‘eco gold’ on Panamanian coasts, according to the publication.

You can see it complete here:

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Mr.Bryson- I recently retired here also. Your passion for Panama is tangible. I agree completely with what you say.
All the money is being focused on PC, when the reality is PC is not that great. Poor infrastructure, horrible traffic, and much of the bad of Panama.
The beauty of Panama is not in the casinos and big hotels facing a dirty bay. The beauty is in the outer islands. Of which you travel via Albrook to even crappier air strips.
Great opinion. I’ll keep reading

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