Could Darien continue to grow into the drug funnel of Latin America?


OP ED: Coming from a Customs background……just saying this area screams as a conduit for illegal contraband.

Units of the National Border Service (Senafront), through surveillance and verification work, apprehended two Colombian citizens after locating in the Playa Cocal sector in Darién, 15 sacks with 785 packages with alleged illicit substance.

The development of this operation was carried out on the Pacific coast in a sector known as Playa Cocal, which is located 24 nautical miles from the community of Jaqué in the province of Darién.

In addition to the two Colombian citizens apprehended, and the illicit substance seized, a boat of approximately 26 feet with 2 outboard motors was also seized.

“We remain firm in the fight against these criminal organizations, so we do not lower our guard, increasing the response capacity and thus prevent these drugs from reaching our populations,” Senafront said on its Twitter account.

The two foreign citizens were placed under the orders of the Public Ministry.

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