Another scumbag sneaks through the cracks. PNO doesn’t forget.


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As I am earning my Phd in “Panamanian Slimy, Backstabbing, Corrupt, and the daily running of things here…….I remain on top of shit”.  This guy here is yet another dirty as a sandbox Panamanian elite that has managed to escape justice.

A trial court acquitted on Monday the former governor of the province of Coclé, Richard Fifer, who is being prosecuted for a case of alleged evasion of the worker-employer quota of the Social Security Fund (CSS).

Given the decision of this court, the Anticorruption Prosecutor of the Public Ministry announced that it will present the corresponding appeal.

The oral trial against Fifer began last Monday, August 29, at the facilities of the Accusatory Penal System in Penonomé, in the province of Coclé.

The former official is accused of allegedly committing the crime of improper withholding of employee-employer fees to the detriment of the CSS, for an amount of $3.1 million.

The trial court is made up of judges Virginia Rodríguez (president), Florelia Bonilla and Amarelis Sucre.

The Public Ministry was represented by the Superior Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Mahmad Daud Hasan.

The investigation began at the end of 2013 and lasted until January 2015, due to the alleged withholding of contributions from the CSS, through the companies Petaquilla Gold, SA and Panamá Desarrollo e Infraestructura, SA, of which the former governor of Coclé was the legal representative. .


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